I know that with today’s situation there have been many adjustments and stressors. I want to make sure that those who need therapy can still continue their sessions or even start new sessions with me. But there are those that are uncertain or skeptical about using teletherapy. There are many positives to using telehealth.

“Meeting with Caroline for teletherapy has been a blessing! I look forward to our weekly video chats as they always leave me feeling a little less alone and a lot more grounded. Her gentle guidance and kind heart give me hope when I need it most.”K.J


Sometimes people feel awkward coming to a therapist and are afraid of who they may run into. Teletherapy eliminates that. You are able to have your session in your own home or in another location of your choosing. It helps reduce the stress you may feel about talking to someone because you are in familiar surroundings.


You are still able to schedule your appointment. The process may be a little different but you will still be able to schedule your appointments to fit your new schedule. It does save time as now you don’t have to worry about taking off work earlier to compensate for the drive time.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, safety and the mental and physical health of my patients is important. Many businesses are closed and limiting how much person-to-person contact is done. I know that keeping or starting new therapy is important, so to ensure the physical health of my patients I have started using teletherapy. It eliminates the need to be face to face while allowing you to still to continue or start your sessions. Regular sessions will restart once the pandemic passes.

Reduced Wait Time

Teletherapy eliminates the waiting room time. If you are working, you are able to work right up until the time of your appointment. This means less work time is lost as well as it saves you in fuel. Teletherapy means you won’t need to drive to your appointment, saving you lost time and money. All you need is a phone (or computer) and time.

Better Access

Sometimes there may not be a provider nearby and that means a long drive to a therapy provider. Or it’s possible you have a disability that prevents you from traveling. Teletherapy is a great tool that I am now providing. It will allow you to speak with me and begin therapy sessions in the comfort of your own home without the need of trying to travel. This also allows people outside of Oregon to receive coaching services.

“Teletherapy has provided me a safe and secure connection to continue therapy during this difficult time in the world. Having support by technical connection breaks down any barriers of rushing to/from appointments in our busy lives, in the safety of my home. The human connection with Caroline comes in many modalities, including through the energy of the sessions, whether it’s in person or via our laptop. I highly welcome anyone that is suffering, you do not need to do so in silence. Please reach out to Caroline or your trusted advisor for teletherapy.”



Technology Needed

Teletherapy is easy and safe but there are things you need to have prior to your sessions. I use programs such as Zoom, Skype, or Facetime to hold our sessions. These can all be done on a phone or tablet, or you can use a computer and webcam for Zoom and Skype. If you are on a computer, you will need to make sure you are using either Firefox or Google Chrome for a browser. Make sure you are in a quiet place when your sessions begin.

Teletherapy is helpful, safe, and useful in this time of social distancing. I encourage you to use my teletherapy services to either start or continue your therapy sessions. I will be restarting my face to face sessions once the pandemic passes. Please contact me to get your teletherapy session booked. If you are new to teletherapy please use my Teletherapy Instructions download for things you need to have and do to prepare for your sessions. I look forward to speaking with you.

TeleHealth Session Request Form

    I schedule therapy sessions Monday-Thursday.

Teletherapy Instructions Download