My sessions with Caroline have truly changed my life and relationship with myself, my spouse, and my son. I feel seen and supported. I leave our sessions feeling lighter and more at peace. Our work together is enhancing my spiritual path as well. Thank you Caroline.


I believe Caroline Sabi is truly gifted. She seems to intuitively know what questions to ask to encourage my own awareness and growth. She challenges when necessary and encourages and is empathetic when appropriate. I have grown and truly healed more through my work with her over the last two years than I have in the previous 25 years of pursuing similar assistance.
J. J.

It took me months of browsing the Psychology Today therapist listings to find Caroline. I didn’t have much faith that I’d find anyone I could trust—anyone smart and wise enough—to help me. I felt beyond repair with only maybe the smallest glimmer of hope that I wasn’t—the hope that was driving me to look for help. Luckily I chose right. In the four years I’ve been seeing Caroline I’ve become more honest, more kind, more fulfilled, wiser and more at home in the world. I’m also anxious about way fewer things. Caroline is an indispensable grounding force in my life. When I met her I was too afraid of and hurt by the world to tolerate having to live in it. Now I can bear my suffering a lot more gracefully.
H. K.

am very grateful to have personally experienced meaningful transformations while working with Caroline Sabi. Six stars.
E. F.

Caroline Sabi is a true healer. She’s changed my life and given me the tools that I need to work through issues both current and long standing. She is generous with her compassion, deeply insightful and 100% dedicated to her clients. Caroline has a deep wealth of knowledge and uses it in many unique ways. She intuitively seems to know precisely what I need to work on in the moment and helps me to look at things from a different perspective. She is highly perceptive and at the end of our sessions, I usually feel lighter and more optimistic about life. I also appreciate the offering of the rolled up quote that I pick out of a bowl. More often than not, the message speaks to me! If you’re looking for someone to help change your life for the better, look no furthur. Caroline Sabi is wise, wonderful and will make you feel right at home the first time you meet her.
DJ. B.

I was referred to Caroline Sabi by a close friend. I had met with a couple other therapists before her but none were as helpful as Caroline. She is incredibly insightful and helpful. I can honestly say that I owe my current friendship with my father due to the work that Caroline and I did together. It was so easy to open up to her and to honestly discuss my past and to work through some very painful things. Therapy is an ongoing thing and I believe it is a very important tool for our lives. It helps us understand ourselves and the way view things. It challenges us to put life under a bit of a microscope and to really look at ourselves. I recommend Caroline to everyone that I find myself discussing psychotherapy, I could not be more pleased with my choice in a therapist.
C. B.

Caroline is simply amazing! I was referred to her by a good friend during a time of intense trauma. I have been working with her for about 6 months now and the work we’ve done has shifted so much for me. She is kind, incredibly wise and intuitive. Her EMDR techniques are truly magical! I am so grateful to have been referred to her and will absolutely continue to work with her for the foreseeable future.

P. H.

Caroline is an incredibly warm, accepting, and wise support. Her presence creates such safety and groundedness to help explore the most difficult things, knowing that there won’t be an ounce of judgment. She is a therapist who truly knows her stuff. Who you can trust fully that you are in safe hands. I am so grateful to have found her and to have been able to work with her for over a year now. I truly did not expect to grow in the ways that I have with her help.

C. L.

Caroline changed my life, she’s helped me to change my perspective and gain insight on a very challenging upbringing I had, I have been seeing her for 8 years. She helped to heal me from traumatic memories using EMDR, and other amazing visualizing techniques. I am so grateful for her innovative practices and genuinely kind and caring personality.

G. S.

Caroline Sabi is one of the most gifted, insightful, authentic, powerful and healing people I’ve ever met.  She meets you where you are with warmth, compassion, understanding and acceptance.  She has knowledge and wisdom from many sources and she pulls from all of them, using that which best serves the client and promotes healing and wholeness.  She truly cares and it shows.  She took time to understand what works for me on many levels and together we designed a course of action that worked wonders in my growth, healing and empowerment.  She helped me when I needed it most and got me back on track.  I highly recommend her.  She will change your life.


I came to Caroline with a silly brain and a very broken heart. I am constantly reminded of my gratitude for her help in my life. With gentleness and strength she gave me the space and safety that has allowed me to peel back layers and layers of shadowy things. Things that hurt or my own broken thinking. She has helped me to transform my stories, my legacy. I’ve been able to restore a path to my heart, to find a home in my body. I will continue to work with Caroline because I trust her. She’s gentle, she’s strong and she has the incredible ability to blend heart and mind wisdom so intuitively it’s refreshing even if I cry like a monsoon. I am always left with gratitude and hope which is the most beautiful thing anyone can give to any creature.
N. A.

I saw Caroline for more than a year, usually twice per month, and I feel that her methods were the most effective that I’ve ever encountered. She is extremely wise, insightful, and compassionate, and I learned a tremendous amount from her. Highly recommended.
S. K.

I have seen quite a few therapists over the years and Caroline is very special. From the moment I walked into her office I could feel the depth of care she puts into creating a therapeutic space for her clients. She brings a level of soulfulness to therapy that I was longing for and that I believe is much needed in the field. She is also professional, articulate, and insightful. She uses a range of techniques that help tap into, shift, and bring light to one’s experience, and I always leave feeling like I’ve received some kind of psychic adjustment. Seeing her regularly has helped me immensely with anxiety, and more generally with living with awareness, faith and intention.
R. P.

I came to see Caroline Sabi after I suddenly found myself in a dark depression with extreme anxiety as I approached having an empty nest.   I told Caroline early in the first session that I was tired of straight talk therapy and I was looking for something different.  In my work with Caroline, I have found exactly that.  Caroline gives me many tools to calm my anxiety.  Her work includes EMDR,  deep breathing, and visualizations.  My work with Caroline has actually led me to a daily meditation practice, which continues to help me even outside of her office. Her calm presence and wise guidance feel like a sanctuary as I seek a new balance in my life. She has helped me as a parent, as a professional, as a person.

I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a space of calm, centering, and healing in his/her life.

P. K.

Caroline has been hands down the most effective support in my healing process.  She possesses all the qualities that I have needed to grow through some pretty tremendous life hurdles.  She is extremely clear, while at the same time having a deeply nurturing, grounded, radiant presence herself.  To me Caroline has been is honest, respectful, direct, so so kind, appropriate and professional.  

I think the honesty and clarity she offers is really important for me because it helps me find my own way more quickly which for me is something I was looking for.  I need that.  Just being listened to was not enough for my healing journey, I needed more and she has delivered this with a kindness and radiance.  Her EMDR approach is a work of art/magical.

My experience with Caroline has been brilliant, positive and EFFECTIVE.  My life has changed so positively, straight up, since working with her.  She is professionally trained, and takes her craft seriously.  It shows.  She is the real deal and clearly puts a lot of work into offering a high level of service to those who choose to work with her.  I appreciate her so much and am grateful that she has been a part of my journey and support.  I feel so safe with Caroline and am eternally grateful.

E. O.

I have been seeing Caroline for over a decade, and continue my work with her as I have been moving states over the last few years. Caroline is more than my therapist, but a spiritual mentor that continues to teach me ways to heal. I cannot find the words to describe just how much Caroline has helped me find myself over the years, find peace on certain matters, and help me continue to work on the rest as an ongoing process of healing. Thank you Caroline, truly, for being such an incredible, life-changing mentor.

W. G.